Sunday, September 18, 2011

unprofitable morning...,

i lets a history be written today..., as i already loss usd200++ this morning..., really huge.., n very2 huge amount.., so sad.., but.., a word i always remember.., i cant change the past.., but still can choose the future..., so.., i clean the all those trade.., n withdraw usd40.., huuhhh..., no more forex for today.., oke?? must be oke la.., dont be so greedy..., if n only if.., u know the prediction well..,
from here.., i can see the wildness of the rain.., keeps on coming.., toward the ground.., how come i could go to the class.., skip???? not again..., im a change man.., although its still raining.., i cant step in.., yesterday.., i came from kuantan.., riding my 135lc..., top speed reach 160km/h..., quite a nasty moment when my bike run out of fuel.., i straight away follow behind a big trailer.., u know y a? to avoid the wind laa.., aiyaa..., about study.., i have registered gxex1411..., i feel release...,

realiti hidup ini...,

recently.., i always think about creating money.., u ask me y? i also dunno..,
hmm.., maybe.., perhaps i have a better reason.., oke2.., lets calc it for a monthly profit.., this month.., i manage to get about usd205.., from my gold investment.., from the forex? i cant calc it well.., bcos i only kinna spoil..., but.., i would never give up.., achievement, success.. never come before failure.., so.. i deserved to fail from this zero beginning.., for my teammate playing forex.., we got catch back.., very soon.., my brother lend me rm2400..., hmm.., but i still wondering what im going to do with that money..., quite curious..,
haa! when the jpa will pay us? u all know? hurry up.., tell me now..!
oke2.., next month? 0.1ozX3=0.3oz=190usdX3=hehe..., now i have 3 lots of share.., next month..., next mont... n next month?????? haha3..., then, i have nothing to worried about money.., this sem.., i need to highly focus on my study..., score!!!!!!!!! bcos..., i found u my dear..., my love.., when i talk about love.., its very inspiring.., but.., the time didn't  come earlier, its come later.., maybe.., i hope so.., i know my english is bad.., stand still..., im a change man.., try to make my self better in english.., c u soon..., im ready to the society..